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Casi, casi… (Almost there…)

October 16, 2008

I’ve been anxious to see how things would look hung in the gallery now that we have lights (all electrical work was finished a couple of days ago). Yesterday Feder took one of his paintings and I took three of my photos to the gallery and we hung them up. They looked great. I like the lighting we have; the amount, the color, it all looks right. It was a good feeling to see real works hung in our real gallery.


Entrance Fountain

September 17, 2008


Federico finished the fountain at the entrance of the museum today. We wired the pump and he hid the pump under an artificial “rock” he had made.

The squarish thing in the background is a “pila” (a water container). Federico will be converting it into a colonial style fuente before the opening.


August 29, 2008
The entrance patio  (click to enlarge)

The entrance patio (click to enlarge)

Here’s a view of the patio I took yesterday from just inside the entrance. Just out of site below the frame is the fountain/sculpture that Federico is working on. It connects to the low wall that curves off to the left. The building in the back has Gallery #1, and as you can see it still needs quite a bit of work, although, most of the front wall had been repaired by the end of today. The building on the right has Gallery #2 and Gallery #3. This is the building we are concentrating on getting ready for the October opening, along with the patio itself, a small cafe in the back patio and the portales of Gallery 1.

The garden of the patio has changed a lot; just a couple of weeks ago it looked like a jungle. The area in the foreground will be a tea garden, with fresh teas grown there for the small café that will be in the back patio. The roses are almost done blooming, and when they are we will trim them back; something that hasn’t been done in a long time. The poso at the far right will be redesigned to be more elegant (couldn’t really be made to look less elegant). Federico is working on a design for that now. The three columns on the building to the right (Galleries #2 &#3) were finished today and I started working on the three square columns on the building on the left (Gallery #1).

I’ll try to post a picture of the patio each week until it is finished so that you can see the progress.

Ubicación / Location

August 27, 2008
Location of the gallery/Ubicación de la galeria.

Location of the gallery/Ubicación de la galeria.

Here’s a screen shot from Google Earth showing the location of the gallery. As you can see the gallery is 4 blocks north of the zócalo and almost three blocks east of the zócalo.

Aqui esta un foto de Google Earth con la ubicación de la galeria. La galeria esta 4 manzanas norte del zócalo y casi 3 manzanas este del zócalo.


August 27, 2008
Close-up of one of the columns

Close-up of one of the columns

I’ve been scrapping the paint off of the three turned columns in front of gallery #1 for a couple of hours a day for over a week now. There were at least five layers of paint: brown on top, then blue, green, brown and red (and maybe a white layer under that). I used a paint scraper, steel brush, belt sander and paint remover. It was a real pain in the neck, but I think the results are worth it. Today I put the linseed oil finish on the first column that I finished. You can see above that I was unable to remove all of the paint, especially the bright green layer, which got into every nook and cranny. The photo above is a particularly bad section with lots of green; overall it looks good. From across the patio the green is hardly noticeable and it will gradually flake off and let the wood show through. The columns are pine, probably what’s called locally ocote (a kind of pitch pine).

Here’s a shot of the top of the column, which looks much better:

Top of the first Column

Top of the first Column

Exterior de la Galería

August 23, 2008

Arriba en el “header” puedes ver el exterior de la galería como esta hoy, incluyendo el grafitti. Vamos a cambiar esta foto cuando el exterior este restaurado.

Above in the header you can see the exterior of the museum as it looks today, complete with graffiti. We’ll be updating the image as the restoration continues.


August 23, 2008
Theo Pintando

Theo Pintando

La restauración del museo/galeria continua. Hoy Theo estaba pintando el exterior y interior de la sala de exposición #1. Jack continua quitando 150 años de pintura de las columnas del mismo cuarto. Fedrico esta trabajando en la escultura/fuente de la entrada.

The restauration continues. Today Theo was painting the inside and outside of the gallery room #1 while Jack continued removing 150 years worth of paint from the columns. Federico is working on the fountain/sculpture just inside the entrance.

August 23, 2008

Plan du musée

Ces jour nous travaillons à la restoration du patio-jardin

Museo Galeria Elisa Burkhard coming soon!

August 21, 2008

Everyone living or visiting San Cristobal de Las Casas is invited to stop by and see the new art gallery and museum of contempory art that will be opening in late October in San Cristobal. The address is Yajalon #2 (on what is known as the Cola de Diablo, where Dr. Navarro turns the corner and changes into Yajalon).

We (that’s Federico Burkhard who came up with the idea, Theo Toy, and I) are in the process of renovating this beautiful 100+ year old house and turning it into a museum of contemporary art, gallery, café and workshop.

We will be posting pictures as the restoration progresses and will also be announcing what we hope to include in the gallery and museum. Posts will be in multiple languages as Federico speaks French, Theo speaks Italian, I speak English, and we all speak Spanish. If anyone has any questions or suggestions please leave them in whatever language and we’ll do our best to follow up on them.

That’s all for now,

Jack Nelson